Responsive HTML5 Web Applications for B2C and B2B

Angular ( is a Javascript framework for the development of web applications and has been developed by Google as an open source solution since 2009 and is also used productively in the well-known Google applications and many other modern web platforms.

mp technology uses Angular since 2013 for the development of B2B and B2C web applications. The use of HTML5 standards allows the implementation of extensive user-friendly applications in the browser. The communication with the Java-based server is done via the REST protocol. Thanks to the support of Typescript, an extension of the Javascript language, it is possible for us to develop high quality ‘enterprise grade’ applications with Angular.

The design of Angular applications is completely based on conventional HTML and CSS standards. This makes it possible to create mobile-first layouts with a responsive UI design, which take advantage of the available screen size on the smartphone, tablet and desktop and thus offer optimal usability.