A Framework for modern Web Applications

Vaadin is an open source web application technology for developing rich Internet applications (RIA) in Java. Along with easier development Vaadin provides a desktop-like user experience on the web. With this technology, customers can really expect to obtain true improvements in web UI development productivity. Vaadin web applications are implemented entirely in the Java programming language, based on a rich Widget Set which comes with Vaadin. This approach supports a modular architecture with good testability and high productivity. On the server side, Vaadin can easily be integrated with all Java-based environments (Tomcat, JBoss, Websphere, Weblogic, Spring, etc) and on the client side all common web browsers are supported, including mobile browsers for iPhone, iPad and Android. The Vaadin framework is released under an open source licence and is supported by a large world wide developer community. More information on the Vaadin framework is available on the Vaadin website at The Vaadin demo page offers an overview of the available standard Vaadin components.

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Our Vaadin Services

With the experience of several successfully completed Vaadin-based projects, our team has a broad expert knowledge of Vaadin application design and programming and we can offer a number of services related to Vaadin.

  • Certified Vaadin Trainings
  • Expert Reviews
  • Support Vaadin Architecture/Integration
  • Support Migration Vaadin 7/8 to Vaadin 14+
  • Implementation of projects based on Vaadin
  • Vaadin Testing
  • Custom Vaadin Components and Themes
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