The right building blocks for every project

We choose technologies that fit best to your specific solution. Wherever reasonably possible, we rely on proven open source technologies.

Java / Kotlin

Java is our preferred implementation language. The Java platform has established itself in the business environment and offers a proven and stable vendor-independent platform with great support through open-source libraries. The Kotlin language builds on Java technology, simplifies programming and is already used by us in several projects.

Internet Technologies / Javascript / Angular

We use current web frameworks to create dynamic and visually appealing user interfaces with responsive design based on HTML5, CSS3, AJAX and Javascript easily and efficiently, and have a wealth of experience with all current browsers on desktops and mobile platforms. In addition to traditional server-based web development, we specialise in javascript-based single page applications using Angular.

Frameworks & Web Services

We use Java/Kotlin with Spring Boot as the basic frameworks for the backend part of our projects – so we can build on proven base functionality. For the communication between applications we rely on the proven and open standards REST, GraphQL, JSON, SOAP, XML and messaging solutions like Kafka.

Mobile solutions

Depending on the project, we implement mobile solutions as native apps or as mobile web applications. We develop native apps based on Swift (iOS: iPhone, iPad) or Kotlin/Java (Android) or cross-platform with Flutter or Xamarin. Alternatively, we develop mobile web apps and PWA with HTML5 and the JavaScript framework Angular, optionally also with an app wrapper to equip the apps with push or background functionality and offer them in the app store.

B2B Microsoft Office Integration and Reporting

Our frameworks enable direct data exchange from our software solutions to all Microsoft Office document formats as well as PDF to guarantee an optimal workflow in your company. We use, among others, the Apache-POI connection for Excel import and export as well as the BIRT library for powerful PDF reports.

Hosting and databases

We have a wealth of experience with Linux, Windows and Solaris and the database servers Oracle DB, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. For hosting, we work closely with our clients’ IT departments or a local business hosting provider, or use a public cloud offering, such as Amazon AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure.