Apple Passbook for Enterprises

The Passmaker software of mp technology offers a simple and quick entry into the area of Passbook for the enterprise. The Passmaker solution takes care of all required steps to create Passbook passes with your own content and CI/CD design, distribute passes and update passes dynamically if any information of the pass changes.

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The server offers a simple API to create and sign passes. After delivery of the pass to the customer, the passes register with the Passmaker server and can be updated at any time.

Product Features

  • Create and sign Apple Passbook Passes
  • Customizable CI/CD
  • Dynamic definition of text and image content through a simple API
  • Pass download and management
  • Update of existing passes
  • Push notification to all passes after a content update
  • Marketing Push Messages
  • HTTP/REST/JSON API for Pass Creation, Download & Update
  • Implementation of the Apple Passbook Webservice API
  • Pass Analytics

mp technology offers Passbook consulting services to support the evaluation of Apple Passbook technology, the system integration with Passmaker and the design of specific company passes.

Licensing Options

Passmaker can be used as a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS), operated by mp technology or alternatively can be operated in your own data center as a licensed On-Premise Software.